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1st Texas Realtors for expert home rental and lease management services of Tiki Island Homes for Rent.

Rent: Stay ahead of the competition by finding the home first! View real-time listings of Tiki Island homes for rent below that are available today. You can also Register to build custom Home Searches with automatic email alerts for new listings of homes in Tiki Island that match your search. We help you find the best overall home and negotiate for the best terms on the lease.

Lease: We provide the full range of property management services in Tiki Island including maintenance, repairs and leasing. All prospective tenants are interviewed with a background check and references verified during the completion of the lease.

For a Realtor, please call William Machupa Jr. (832) 969-4338.

Our Realtors average 25-years real estate experience, top 3% realtors in Tiki Island and 5-star rated by Texas Monthly Magazine, please see our Testimonials.

Click here to view Tiki Island homes for sale. The 1st Texas Realtors in Tiki Island total 100-years combined real estate experience, when you hire one of us, you get the experience and knowledge of all. Real Estate, or your home, could be the biggest transaction of your life, so having a great relationship with our clients is very important.

The demand for Tiki Island homes for rent has gone up while the supply has gone down. Searching for a home to rent can be stressful given these market conditions with lots of competition. Unfortunately, waiting out a competitive housing market is not a good idea when you’re searching for the most coveted homes in Tiki Island.

As residents of the area, we know the neighborhood, school and commutes that translate into the best location. In other words, we do it right the 1st time!

tiki island homes for rent tiki island homes for rent