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First, get pre-approved from the desired mortgage company for the amount required, this will shorten the time required to process the loan. We navigate through each and every transaction for value and cost saving opportunities and negotiate for concessions and addendums without changing the dollar amount in cost.

While the supply of Galveston homes has continued to rise with higher interest rates, the best homes are still being purchased within weeks of the listing date. Searching for a home can be exciting, but also stressful in an unpredictable market with lots of competition. Unfortunately, waiting out a competitive housing market may not be a good idea. If interest rates go down, then future home prices could soar over the current price, especially in the most coveted neighborhoods of Galveston which are always limited in availability.

Buying and Selling homes at the same time also makes sense if you feel prices may get out of reach in the near future with lower interest rates. As a current homeowner in Galveston, you are in great position to capitalize on a seller’s market and make a smooth transition to the new home.

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Galveston, TX (77550, 77551, 77552, 77553, 77554, 77555) is on the Texas Gulf coast island of Galveston. Originally, Galveston was inhabited by the Curanchua Indian tribe, named by Spanish explorer José de Evia in 1785, established by the Congress of Mexico in 1825, and served as the capital of the Republic of Texas when in 1836. Popular places to visit in Galveston include the many beaches From East to Jamaica Beach and six amazing historical districts containing over 60 significant collections of 19th-century buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places including the Bishop’s Palace. Galveston has many restaurants and entertainment venues on the The Strand and hosts many popular events including Mardi Gras. Galveston is served by the Galveston Independent School District including six elementary schools, two middle schools and Ball High School, magnet middle school, Austin Middle School, and several state-funded charter schools not affiliated with the local districts. There is no bigger presence in Galveston than the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) established in 1891 with less than 50 students. Today, UTMB serves more than 2,500 medical students each year and a major contributor to the local economy.

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