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No matter where you’re from, we can all agree picking up your life and relocating can be very difficult even for the well prepared. Add children, pets and a deadline to begin your new job and it’s even more stressful. But we can help!

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We provide relocation guidelines for the Clear Lake NASA area communities and have helped many families find the best home, schools, commute, and access to public parks and waterfront.

Steps to relocating to Clear Lake

  1. Make a visit. Before you relocate, visit at least once. We recommend touring the NASA Johnson Space Center and enjoying the waterfront. You can replace the thoughts of relocating with real experience and meet with a relocation specialist. With a short-term rental arrangement, you have an opportunity to live and get to know the new neighborhood much better and make a more informed purchase decision.
  2. Make a Relocation Plan. After your visit to Clear Lake, it is time for a Relocation Plan. The timeline and critical decision points should be written down; budget for buying or renting, desired  neighborhoods, schools and necessary commutes, location and proximity to friends or family that live in Clear Lake, Texas. We provide a comprehensive list of criteria for you to consider before relocating.
  3. Find a Home. Finding a home in Clear Lake can be extremely challenging and, at times, frustrating. There are many people relocating to Clear Lake to join the expanding natural energy sector, or moving from Houston to be near the waterfront. You can combat the competition in 3 ways. Our Home Search provides real-time MLS data. You can also Register to save custom searches and receive email alerts about new property listings.
  4. Find a Job in Clear Lake. The unemployment rate in Clear Lake is currently one of the lowest in the nation, mostly, due to the energy sector. If you are flexible about applying your particular skills, then you will almost certainly find a career before relocating to Clear Lake City, Texas.
  5. Establish yourself. Relocating is very rewarding, you will be presented with many new opportunities, friends and associates, but also challenged in ways not expected. Even though you might be consumed by the relocation activities of your move, take some extra time to listen to your new friends, get to know them, and learn from their experiences. Having friends in Clear Lake will help you best address the issues of relocation.
  6. Make the most of Clear Lake. Visit the NASA Johnson Space Center, and go ahead, reach across the railing and touch the Apollo 17 Command Module and think about where it has been. Go to Kemah, enjoy some fresh bay seafood and watch the sail boats return during the sunset. You can also take the 30-minute drive to Galveston, rent a bike and ride on the seawall. Please enjoy yourself and contact us when you’re ready!

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