Information About Brokerage Services (Matt Bradley – IABS)

I was born in Abilene, Texas, and traveled to many East African nations. As part of my parents humanitarian efforts, I enjoyed the cultural lessons living abroad. In 1995, my family moved to the Clear Lake area and I attended Dobie High School in nearby Pasadena.

Today, I am married with a daughter, work as a realtor, read, play golf and general fitness enthusiast. There are so many places in the Clear Lake and Galveston Bay area to enjoy the outdoors and waterfront.

Previously, I worked as a public educator and teacher in the Clear Lake area for many years, and subsequently became a realtor who enjoys making a curriculum out of the real estate process.

As your realtor, you can work with a family man with experience in diversity and a public educator when it comes to every decision important to your family.